Here at Alexander and Associates, LLC Attorneys at Law, we know that divorce is much more complicated 
than a typical break up. We are Fort Collins divorce attorneys who are here to help you navigate the 
complexities of divorce, help you understand and navigate the legalese, and help you get what you need 
out of your divorce process. In this post, we will discuss the most common divorce conflicts to help you be prepared for what to expect. 
Divorce has all the pain and drama of a typical break up, plus a battle – determining what is rightfully 
yours, versus what rightfully belongs to your soon-to-be-ex. This battle is at the heart of most common divorce 

Common Divorce Conflicts: Physical Custody

Parental custody is often the first thing divorcing couples will think of before calling their local divorce
attorneys. As we defined in our previous post, physical custody is the court given
right to a parent to live with their child after a divorce.

Many divorcing couples will come to an agreement about custody easily, but when they cannot
determine this on their own, the court will decide for them

When determining custody, the court will always choose what they think is best for the children. This
means that this battle will vary in difficulty, depending on the type of person you or your ex is, where you
decide to live, and so forth.


The House

This is often a very emotionally charged subject because it is often your biggest asset as a couple. Some 
may feel that whoever the children live with most of the time should retain the home so that they can 
stay within the same school district. If a parent receives the home for this reason, they may be less likely 
to receive other assets. Depending on the other assets you and your ex have, other assets might be 
more valuable and worthy of a fight. Of course, if it is high on your priority list, a good divorce lawyer will 
still help you fight for it. 


If You Own a Business

If you or your spouse owned a business during the marriage, even if it was started before the marriage, it 
is considered marital property and can therefore be fought for in court. This is often considered one of 
the top priorities to fight for!  
If you own a business and are divorcing, it is a good idea to buy your partners shares of the company if 
possible. If not, your ex becomes your business partner (which could get messy), and is able to sell their 
shares to any third party they desire.  

Retirement Assets

If you consider retirement assets in terms of the value they will have at the time of your retirement,
versus today, it is easy to see that they are of huge significance. Because of this, this is often something
that people will fight very hard for during a divorce.


Other Personal Property and Assets

For many divorcing couples, this happens to be lower on the priority list because most people don’t own
additional assets that are all that valuable. If someone fights for these, it is usually out of sentimental

We hope this gave some insight as to the where conflicts often stem from during divorce. For more 
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At Alexander and Associates, LLC Attorneys at Law, we’re here to help you through your divorce and
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