Questions For Your Divorce Lawyer

As experienced Fort Collins divorce, child custody, and family law attorneys, we understand how extremely private and important divorce matters can be. As a result, it is pertinent to lay the groundwork with your lawyer before you hire them. Going into your consultation, it is a good idea to have a foundation of your expectations to ensure that your needs will be met, along with an idea of the services your potential lawyer(s) provide; especially when these needs involve child custody and modern family law practices. Your foundation should cover communication, history, and security (Farzad & Ochoa, Taylor).


“How often will we be in contact?”

There are many channels you can communicate through, so it is best to nail down the most efficient ways and times to reach one another. Establishing this as the first level of your foundation will guarantee you reliability and results. You will be sure that you’ll keep one another on the same page, regularly receive hard copies of relevant paperwork, and be able to have guidance and advisory while communicating with your spouse, if/when necessary.

Questions for Your Divorce Lawyer

“How secure will my file be, and how often can I have access to it?”

The second level of your foundation should be security. Because this matter is extremely personal, making sure that your files will be kept secure is advised. It is important to note that there will never be information in your file that you cannot access. None of your information should ever be withheld.

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“What is your direct experience to divorce cases?”

It is beneficial for you to know who you are hiring and if they will be working on your case alone or with a group of experienced professionals. Knowing what their specialty is will help you make an informed decision on whether or not they are the right fit for you. For example, if a practice specializes in general practice, they may not be the best fit for modern family law and child custody/support cases. With this being the final level of your foundation, you will have a strong understanding of the quality of services that will be provided to you.

It is important to remember that your lawyer is there for you and on your side. If there is not an open and consistent line of communication, you will not be receiving the legal counsel that you need. Your legal counsel should be a family law attorney or divorce/separation attorney, with child custody and/or alimony experience, that you can have full trust in. Whether that be in regard to your privacy or their ability to represent you and achieve your desired results, you should have full faith in your lawyer to win your legal battles before deciding to hire them.